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Preperse PA

Preperse PA products are pigment preparations of organic pigments for polyamide and poly-amide 6. Preperse PA pigments are in granular type. They are dust-free, free-flowing and suitable for auto-feeding.

The high degree of dispersion of the pigments in the polymer carrier results in exceptionally good processability, especially for demanding applications in injection moldings, extrusion and fibers.

The low content of polymer carrier material used has a positive effect both on the rheological properties of the polymer melt and also on the technical properties of the final products, such as better tensile strength and elongation rate of fibers and yarns. The outstanding fastness properties of the selected pigments allow universal application even in materials for which extremely high fastness standards are required.


※ Fusion point refers to the melt point of the polyolefin carrier used in the pigment preparations. The processing temperature must be higher than the disclosed fusion point of each product.