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      Pigments & Dyes Market Information This Week (24th October-30th October)



Glad to keep our market information updated for the last week of October:


Organic Pigment:

The cost of the basic raw materials used to make pigments fluctuated this week. DCB now costs more than it did the previous week. The price increase of aniline also had an impact on the pigments AAOT (Acetyl acetyl o-methylaniline) and AAA (acetoacetanilide),

Relevant Pigment: PY12, PY13, PY14.

The cost of 2B acid is comparatively stable, the price of related products has not changed, the cost of AABI is comparatively stable, the cost of benzimidazoles will continue to be stable for a very long time.

The yellow phosphorus is the primary raw material for quinacridone pigment (PR122 PV19) the price has slightly decreased.

Prices of the primary raw ingredients for phthalocyanine pigments, including phthalic anhydride, cuprous chloride, and ammonium lacrimal acid, the main raw materials rose and fell each other.

Relevant Pigment: PB15 series & PG7

Although the costs of various raw materials are currently increasing and picking up, as well as the costs of specific goods, finishing pigment costs are still stable. The majority of product prices are anticipated to remain constant this month.



Solvent Dyes

The dye market is still sluggish this week, and the cost of essential raw materials has also been steadily declining. yl-5-pyrazolone) decreased only slightly, and the price of SY93 also hit a new low. The prices of 1,8-diaminonaphthalene, 1-nitroanthraquinone, and 1.4 dihydroxyanthraquinones have been quite low recently, associated goods. In addition, the cost is at a low point. The space won’t be too big even if it does fall in the future. Although it is anticipated that the trend of dyes will eventually somewhat fall, this will ultimately rely on the state of the market.


Post time: Oct-26-2022