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Pigment Yellow 17 / CAS 4531-49-1

Short Description:

Pigment Yellow 17 is a greenish yellow pigment with good transparent and bright luster.
Recommend: Offset inks, NC inks, PA inks, textile printing, PVC, RUB.
Please check TDS of Pigment Yellow 17.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Product Name                             Pigcise Yellow 2G

Color Index                                 Pigment Yellow 17

C.I.No.                                         21105

CAS No.                                      4531-49-1

EC No.                                        224-867-1

Chemical Nature                         Disazo

Chemical Formula                       C34H30Cl2N6O6


Technical Properties

Greenish yellow pigment with good transparent and bright luster.



Recommend: Offset inks, NC inks, PA inks, textile printing, PVC, RUB.


Physical Properties



Moisture (%)


Water Soluble Matter


Oil Absorption (ml / 100g)


Electric conductivity (us/cm)




PH value



Fastness Properties ( 5=Excellent, 1=Poor)

Acid Resistance


Soap Resistance


Alkali Resistance


Bleeding Resistance


Alcohol Resistance


Migration Resistance


Ester Resistance


Heat Resistance ()


Benzene Resistance


Light Fastness(8=Excellent)


Ketone Resistance


Note: The above information is provided as guidelines for your reference only. The accurate effects should base on the test results in laboratory.


Customer Notification



Pigcise series organic pigments cover a wide range of colors, include greenish yellow, medium yellow, red yellow, orange, scarlet, magenta and brown etc. Based on their excellent characteristics, Pigcise series organic pigments can be used in painting, plastic, ink, electronic products, paper and other products with colorants, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

Pigcise series pigments are commonly added into color masterbatch and manufacturing of all kinds of plastic products. Some high performance products are suitable for films and fibers application, due to their excellent dispersibility and resistance.

High performance Pigcise pigments are complied with the global regulations in below applications:

●  Food packaging.

●  Food-contacted application.

●  Plastic toys.


QC and Certification

1)     Powerful R&D strength makes our technique in a leading level, with standard QC system meet EU standard requirements.

2)     We have ISO & SGS certificate. For those colorants for sensitive applications, such as food contact, toys etc., we can support with AP89-1, FDA, SVHC, and regulations according to EC Regulation 10/2011.

3)     The regular tests involve Color Shade, Color Strength, Heat Resistance, Migration, Weather Fastness, FPV(Filter Pressure Value) and Dispersion etc.

  • ● Color Shade test standard is according to EN BS14469-1 2004.
  • ● Heat Resistance test standard is according to EN12877-2.
  • ● Migration test standard is according to EN BS 14469-4.
  • ● Dispersibility test standard is according to EN BS 13900-2, EN BS 13900-5 and EN BS 13900-6.
  • ● Light/Weather Fastness test standard is according to DIN 53387/A.


Packing and Shipment

1)      Regular Packings are in 25kgs paper drum, carton or bag. Products with low density will be packed into 10-20 kgs.

2)      Mix and different products in ONE FCL, increase the working efficiency for customers.

3)      Headquartered in Ningbo, near the ports which is convenient for us provide logistics services.


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