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Preperse PP-M

Preperse PP-M grades are pigment preparations of organic pigments based on polypropylene carrier.

Preperse PP-M pigment preparations are especially suitable for polypropylene. The high ratio of dispersed pigments in the polymer carrier results in exceptionally good process-ability, especially for applications include injection moldings, extrusion, etc.

Only low shear force is requested for dispersing these pigments. Single screw machine can be an applicative equipment when manufacturing mono masterbatch or color masterbatch with Preperse PP-M grade. Same as other Preperse grade, Preperse PP-M is low-dusting, highly concentrated granule. Auto-feeding and metering system is possible and favorable to be adopted.


※ Fusion point refers to the melt point of the polyolefin carrier used in the pigment preparations. The processing temperature must be higher than the disclosed fusion point of each product.