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Solvent Black 7

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Product Name Solvent Black 7

Delivery Form Powder

CAS 8005-02-5


Color Shade


Physical and Chemical properties

Test Items Specification
Appearance Black Powder
Tinting Strength, % 98 min.
Particle Size, over 200 mashes/inch 0.08 max.
Moisture, % 3.0 max.
PH Value 7.5-8.5
Ash Content, % 2.0 max.
Free Aniline, % 1.0 max.


Coloring for bakelite powder, bakelite cloth rubber, plastic and leather, raw material of leather shoes oil, carbon paper and insulating paint resin coloring, plastic coloring (temp. over 280C of Nylon, ABS etc), leather and fur coloring, printing ink, stationery (especially ball-pen ink), positive charge control agent in electrostatic printing powder etc..

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