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Solvent Red 3

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Color Index: Solvent Red 3

C.I.NO. 12010

CAS No.                                          6535-42-8

EC NO. 229-439-8

Chemical Nature: Monoazo Series/ Metal Complex

Chemical Formula C18H16N2O2

Technical Properties:

Dark red, with excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, also has good compatibility with various sort of synthetic and natural resins.

Color Shade:



1. Wood  stains  2.  Printing  inks  3.Aluminum  foil  coloring  4.  Hot  stamping foil coloring 5. Leather finishes 6. Baking finishes 7. Stationery ink 8. Plastic coating

Physical Properties:

Light Fastness 4-5
Heat Resistance 160℃
Acid Resistance A
Alkali Resistance A
Solvent Red 3 Solubility(g/l)  
Alcohol 100
1-methoxy-2-propanol 200
N -propanol 100
2-ethoxyethanol 300
M.E.K 400
Ethxy acetate 100
Toluene 50

Note: The above information is provided as guidelines for your reference only. The accurate effects should base on the test results in laboratory.

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