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Solvent Yellow 19

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Color Index: Solvent Yellow 19

C.I.NO. 13900:1

CAS No. 10343-55-2

EC NO. 233-747-8

Chemical Nature: Monoazo Series/ Metal Complex

Chemical Formula C16H11CrN4O8S

Technical Properties:

Bluish Yellow Powder.

With excellent solubility and miscibility in wide range of organic solvents, also has good compatibility with various sort of synthetic and natural resins.

The outstanding properties of solubility in solvents, light, heat fastness and strong color strength.

Color Shade:



1. Wood  stains  2.  Printing  inks  3.Aluminum  foil  coloring  4.  Hot  stamping foil coloring 5. Leather finishes 6. Baking finishes 7. Stationery ink 8. Plastic coating

Physical Properties:

Light Fastness 6.0
Heat Resistance 140℃
Acid Resistance B
Alkali Resistance B
Solvent Yellow 19 Solubility(g/l)  
Alcohol 300
1-methoxy-2-propanol 500
N -propanol 400
2-ethoxyethanol 500
M.E.K 500
Ethxy acetate 400
Toluene 400

Note: The above information is provided as guidelines for your reference only.

The accurate effects should base on the test results in laboratory.

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